About Us

Mission Statement:  Russell & Co is committed to providing you with the highest quality work on every job, no matter how large or small. We respect our customers and value our relationship with them. We continue to stay on the leading edge of the building industry, and find ways to help our clients get the most out of their project. We know you are trusting us with your greatest asset—your home. We will make it the place you want it to be and love to live in.

RUSSELL 36 (2)Russell & Co is a small, personable, and professional construction company that specializes in home building and remodeling. The company was founded and is owned and operated by Matthew T. Russell.

Matt paid his way through college by working with remodeling contractors. During dental school he worked on various remodeling projects throughout Manhattan, including remodeling the Prince of Saudi Arabia’s penthouse and working for a high-end production company. He realized his true passion was construction.

After returning to Utah, Matt began building and remodeling homes throughout the valley. His work is in high demand because, in addition to doing impeccable work, he is known for being excellent to work with. He has a clean and experienced crew that respects the fact that they are guests in your home. Also, as he quickly learned while working on multi-million-dollar projects in New York, spending lots of money does not always equal quality work. Matt is committed to providing you with superior work at a great value.

Remodeling your home is a time-consuming and emotional commitment. You need someone who is experienced and able to help with the transitions from old to new and to navigate any unexpected obstacles along the way. Let Russell & Co make your house your dream home, a welcome place to make memories with family and friends.

We are proud members and supporters of the Park City Area Home Builders Association, the Salt Lake Home Builders Association, the State HBA of Utah and the NAHBR and Utah Remodelers Council.

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